This location is now closed and Kruk Cheese Steaks has replaced it. There is another Beefstro’s location still open at the corner of Livingston and Pine Ridge Rd in Naples.

Just off Naples Boulevard (in the JoAnn Fabric’s shopping center near Costco), there is a place where natives of Chicago seem to gravitate. It’s almost as if they can smell the beef and the Chicago dawgs in the air. And you know if the natives and visitors from Chicago fill the restaurant on a regular basis — the food is definitely authentic and totally delicious.

If you haven’t yet heard of Beefstro’s but you love hand-crafted sandwiches which are full of flavor and made with love, you need to find your way over there soon.


We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Neim Malo, the owner and visionary of Beefstro’s Gourmet Beefs, and asked him about Beefstros and how it all got started.

“I created it for people from Chicago,” Malo explained to us. “It’s all about satisfying those people who know how it’s supposed to taste.”

And on any given day, you can walk over to just about any table in the place and ask two questions which will give you a resounding “Yes” in response:

  1. Are you from Chicago?
  2. Do you like the food here?

beefstros-5This initial Beefstro’s restaurant is, in fact, part of a much bigger plan. Malo and his partner want to bring great Chicago-style sandwiches, hot dogs, and more to people around the United States. And there are plans in the works already to open up several new locations in the coming year…and eventually start franchising. beefstros-6

Neim Malo has a long history in the restaurant business, starting his first job peeling potatoes in a kitchen at 10 years old. At the age of 21, in Leland, Illinois, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning his own restaurant. And at 25, started the highly successful Malo’s Rock Studio in Aurora with three of his brothers.

For the last 20 or so years, Malo and his brothers have been making major contributions to the food scene in Naples, first with The Palm Restaurant, Pacific 41 and finally, the well-known Watermark Grille.


Sandwiches and hot dogs at Beefstro’s are served hot and made to order. Although considered a “fast food” restaurant, there is nothing canned or out of the box here. All of the ingredients and recipes have been tested and retested to find the perfect flavor combinations, creating authentic and delicious recipes that keep guests coming back for more.


Hot dogs and sandwiches are the main fair on the menu, although salads, fries and chili are available too. The CHICAGO BULL DAWG ®, a Vienna beef dawg with relish, diced onion, tomato, and sport peppers, served on a fresh warm poppy seed bun, was melt in your mouth good. I personally wouldn’t change a thing on that Dawg, but if you’re adventurous, you are welcome to create your own special order hot dog or sandwich.


BEEFSTRO’S FAMOUS ITALIAN BEEF® is a delicious roasted black angus beef sandwich, smothered with hot or sweet peppers and served on a Gonnella Italian loaf bread. We had to go for the hot version and smothered it with cheese. Absolutely delicious!

The bun was just the right consistency, holding in all the juices (and it even works if you like yours “wet”) while being soft and chewy. And no worries about it falling apart which says a lot considering how loaded down these sandwiches are.


Ready for lunch or want to grab a bite on your way home from work — Beefstro’s is looking forward to seeing you soon. And don’t forget to try out the Italian ice!!

Go get your Chicago-deli fix soon and don’t forget to tell ’em Foodie Naples sent ya!

Beefstro’s Gourmet Beefs
6434 Naples Blvd #404
Naples, FL 34109


Note: This article first appeared on in 2014 and has been republished with permission.