Went for a walk this evening to wear out the puppers. She is still really super about walking off the leash so as soon as we are far enough into the fields that she isn’t at risk of running in front of a car or something, we take her leash off and let her do her own thing. She seems to like letting us get about 5 yards in front of her and then running like crazy to catch up. This is a game we play almost daily when we go walking.

She also loves to run through the grassy fields which are well above her head in most places. I guess the grass brushing against her coat as she races through the field feels good. She jumps into the grass and starts running full speed through the grass, having to hop a bit in some places when the grass gets thicker…sort of like a big, black, furry rabbit with the tongue flailing around. Since it’s been raining quite a bit lately she usually emerges from the field completely soaked from head to toe. We’re definitely going to be taking the video camera back there one day to try to get this on film before she stops doing it…if she stops doing it. lol

Ayla also has developed a new love for puddles. They can be only big enough to hold a few drops of water or enough for her practically take a bath in….just as long as she can run through them and get her paws wet, she’s a happy camper. Apparently she has just discovered the fun that lies inside these puddles since she only recently started walking through them. Before she was content to just skirt the edges and possibly lick at them. But now if she doesn’t get to step in every puddle along the path, she just isn’t happy.

Today when we were walking, we stopped to let Ayla run in one of the fields and noticed someone on the other side of the field waving at us. It was our neighbor across the street with her dog, Fly. So we made our way around the field and met up with them so Ayla and Fly could get some play time in since they seem to enjoy it. They romp in the grass together and teach each other bad habits which is fun for all of us since they’re really fun to watch…Ayla bouncing around and trying to get this 7 year old Border Collie to play with her and Fly behaving like a perfect lady until she gets feeling frisky and takes off running, willing Ayla to chase after her and try to keep up.

By the time the walk was wrapping up, Ayla was definitely getting worn out. Instead of running ahead with Fly, she was lagging behind us a bit and doing her best to keep up. And thankfully when we finally got home she laid down under the table to crash so we could finally eat dinner and relax a bit. Tomorrow is another day…and one step closer to Friday and a 3 day wekeend here in Germany….always a good thing 😉

Current weight: 31.5 pounds (approx. 13 kilos)