It’s a 3-day weekend here in Germany because Monday is Pentecost which is a federal holiday here. As it turns out, this is a fairly popular weekend for events in the area. Not only is it the yearly old-timer tractor fest here in Beusem (yes, many photos and a video will be coming after our visit) but there is also a big garden festival being held in Hanau (Wilhelmsbad park) which we may attend if the weather isn’t looking bad. In addition we also need to get the rest of the ivy off the barn, take it over to the dump and hope to start some of the landscaping part of the garden (i.e. lay borders around the edge to separate beds from walkways; prep walkways, lay foil and put down gravel in walkways; trim grass in beds and lay down thick layer of newspaper and mulch to kill off the weeds). Cause you know we just need more projects to keep us busy around here…

If you’re trying to figure out what to do in your area, maybe you can visit a new website I just found out about called Garage Sales Tracker. It’s a listing service for garage and yard sales across the US. So instead of combing all the local papers in your area, you could just visit this site and find out what’s going on. Unfortunately they still have a lot of growing to do and there were no sales in any of the areas I’ve lived in. But I personally know how hard it can be to grow a site like that and find the concept to be cool. So get over there and list your own sale before they start charging! Searching sales is always free, though, and they even include Google Maps directions for you. On the other hand, I always liked that part of garage sale shopping because you’d often find another 3 sales you wouldn’t have discovered if you weren’t so lost!

I really miss going to garage sales. They’re not so popular here – people take everything to flea markets. But according to our neighbor, who is a regular visitor of flea markets to sell his wares, we should be checking them out. Finding the time is the issue. Perhaps we’ll just get him to be our flea market “broker” – we give him a list of the stuff we want with prices we’re willing to pay and he goes to find the stuff. He’s actually already agreed to it so we just need to compile our wish list now. Danger, danger!!