Hey all you dogs out there in Blog Land!

It’s Ayla here again and I hope you’re all having a great week.

I just thought I would report on something really cool I’ve just realized I can do – pick up more than one thing at a time in my mouth!! I can pick up two tennis balls or 4 pieces of dried tripe…and who knows what else! I’m so thrilled. My mom told me once I should be able to do this but I never really believed her…I have a very small mouth after all. (She’s doesn’t seem to agree with me on this statement but what does she know? It’s MY mouth!)

No one has managed to get a photo of me doing this yet and my big lips hide most of the evidence anyway…but after I picked up all the dried treats the other day and spit them out one by one into my chair in the living room, my humans were laughing like crazy. Apparently they’ve never seen such a skilled pup before. I’m just excited that I can bring all my treats into the room with me at the same time and not leave any behind like I had to do before. Who knows what sort of wild creature might have tried to eat them while they laid in the entry way unguarded!

Anyway, I encourage any dog out there who hasn’t attempted to pick up several things at once in their mouth to try this right away! It’s just so practical!!

Lots of Newfie kisses to you all!