I was finally doing a bit of catching up on reading other people’s blogs and came across what I found amusing at 11:30pm while we watched Private Practice in bed. Connie at Young and Restless mentioned this game of sorts and I figured I would give it a go. Feel free to take a gander at what pops up with your own name. It’s pretty amusing.

  • Tiffany needs bigger breasts. At the moment, that is definitely not true. They are still quite large in fact.
  • Tiffany needs love & support. Don’t we all?
  • Tiffany needs to pray! I do so every day.
  • Tiffany needs needs to be stopped. Of yes – I am out of control!!
  • Tiffany needs a job. Another one? Perhaps not just yet.
  • Tiffany needs a dreamhouse. Well I thought I might have it already…but I’m always looking for another one 🙂

And to follow suit with Connie…I had to go check out the wants…

Tiffany wants to love a person and stick with them forever. That is true…and I think I’ve found the person I’ll be doing that with already.

Tiffany wants to have fun!.Girls will be girls…

Tiffany wants her reputation back. Must have gotten damaged from those ads I was running saying I just wanted to have fun. Oi.

Tiffany wants ice cream. So true. There’s always room for ice cream. It melts into the cracks between everything else in your stomach.