You know those times when you get sick and suddenly your home, suddenly, becomes a den of filth?

Rotten hankies strewn across the living room floor, half-full cups of Day-Quil or Lemsip crowding your coffee table, curtains drawn and the telly on as you vegetate with toilet tissues up your nose and a vague wheezing sound blustering from your mouth.

Well, for some people, their living room always has that vaguely ill feeling. With poor interior design comes a miserable front room, and in one of the most frequently used areas of your house, you should want a bright, cosy and comfy area.

So, how can you spruce up your living room to go from drab and ill-like to buzzing with energy?


A chair with flair

It’s easy to vie for a cheap as chips chair that’ll hurt your derriere, but in the long run you’ll be kicking yourself for the aching back and throbbing behind it’s given you.

Indeed, a chair without adequate support is a future medical nightmare for your posture. Instead, kit out your front room with mobility chairs for the lumber support of the gods.

Fully adjustable and specially designed for those with problem backs, these chairs are a master class in good design, providing you with everything you need for comfortable seating.


photo credit: (vincent desjardins) via photopin cc

photo credit: (vincent desjardins) via photopin cc

Create some class

Class, unlike what some people tell you, is all about the look – and if you can add a bit of culture to your front room, you’ll create the perfect place for entertaining guests.

If you’re a voracious reader, fill your room with your favourite books, or even some flashy art books on your coffee table to pique peoples’ interest in your hobby. Or, if you’re more family oriented, drench your living room walls with family photos to add a homely touch to the place and just use ebooks to fuel your reading passions.

Essentially, just including your personality can be enough to make your walls and furnishings emanate a sense of class. So don’t be afraid to flaunt your favourite things.


photo credit: saikofish via photopin cc

photo credit: saikofish via photopin cc

Clash of the fittings

When you’re packing your home up with stuff, it’s easy to have objects clashing in colour and function. Before you know it, you’ll have a mess of a room filled with more colours than a psychedelic rainbow.

Avoiding this is simple, with a basic mental exercise before you purchase anything.

If you’re in a shop and some object – whether it’s a lava lamp, cabinet or mad cubist ornament – takes your fancy, just close your eyes and visualise where it could go in your room.

If you’re satisfied after that, then you might have found something that’ll fit like a glove in your living room. If not, then it’s time to move on.

A perfect living room is a balancing act – and just one rubbish piece of furniture could tip the scales.