I will start by emphasizing that I don’t think these photos even remotely do the room justice…but I’m no professional photographer and I was waiting on the repairman so I apologize.

I’ll start you off with a view into the bedroom, when you first open the door. We’re really thrilled with the color on the walls in here and although it’s not a huge space, it’s very comfy inside.

Here’s the view into the bathroom when standing in the bedroom. We used the same lamps on the side of the mirror as we did beside the bed. The color in here came out a bit more pink than we expected but we also don’t have the lamps all the way in the ceiling yet so the color may end up better in the end. Why aren’t the lamps up, you ask? Well, our electrician managed to drill the holes for them right where a ceiling support beam runs and we unfortunately can’t get some of the lamps into the holes. So we’re waiting for him to return (no set date yet on that) and then will get him to tackle the issue since our efforts to fit them in there didn’t do much good.

As you glance to the left, still standing in the bedroom, you see the toilet and can also glimpse the glass door Stefan and his dad put in just before Christmas. We’re really pleased with the way that come together – especially since we got the door on sale for €59 vs. the retail price of €268 – woohoo!

This is the one shower head Stefan was working on…it’s still not functioning but we decided to have a plumber come out and deal with it finally. We’ve just run out of patience. But they are going to look really cool in there when they’re up!

And as you probably glimpsed in the first photo, we put a massive TV in here at the foot of the bed. We have a computer running Media Portal in here (an open source version of Microsoft’s Media Center which we like a lot better) which also currently controls the lighting schematics since everything is on radio frequency controlled buttons. Very hi-tech indeed.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten what it used to look like in there…this used to be the bathroom.

And looking in the door of the room (basically the same view as the first photo at the top) showed you this lovely feeding trough and a whole bunch of junk.

And this window is where we broke through the wall into this little space, creating our closet.

It’s actually hard for us to imagine how far we’ve come, and we actually live here! You just forget the chaos and bad stuff so fast during renovations like these…which is a very good thing or none of us would ever keep going!! 😉