We’re no stranger to having random people drop by, asking if we still rent trained doves to fly at weddings and events (and no, we do not.) But earlier this week, a woman stopped in and asked if we were selling hay. For her guinea pig, of course.

I have to say the conversation caught me off guard. The woman was 35-40, had shoulder length brown hair, glasses, was rather preppy but in a teacher sort of way (no offense meant – it’s cute, just specific) and apparently bathed in perfume. She didn’t smell bad, just strong. Or maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant. At any rate, I’m pretty sure she had a minivan hiding around the corner which she was going to lug this hay home in. But I couldn’t help her out. We do actually have a few hay bales here still, but I’m not prepared to name a price on one. And I’m definitely not going to lug one out pregnant. No thanks.

I sent her down the street to the local market stand which was the only one I figured might know someone with hay. None of the farmers that I immediately thought of came to mind but I guess I could have sent her to the horse stables up the street also. She did make sure to ask if we might have hay again next year. Yeah, that’s a big no. I mean I guess we could land a perfect property and start haying something but it’s not too likely.

We’ve been in this house for 2 years now and still have random people come by every few months. I guess maybe we should take the opportunity and set up some sort of store. Would be fun to sell some of our extra fresh produce, canned goods or seedlings to people. We’ll see how well we do in the next year…got a lot of stuff to finish up before we can manage that. And of course Mackenzie coming! 🙂