The stair guys just left which I guess is why they were cleaning up. Very nice that they did so, though, I cannot complain there. Since they are gone, I was able to inspect what they’ve done and also what the lackey was doing upstairs when I heard him knocking around.

The tops of some of the stairs have been sanded but I’m not sure if they don’t have exactly the type of paper they need or what. The stuff on the lower part of the stairs they have off almost completely and about 5 stairs at the top but the ones on the bottom they only took a small amount of paint off the top of the stairs and it didn’t seem to want to come off so well. But the parts they have done look good and I am definitely thinking that it will add a much nicer, lighter, really good element to the house this way. They also seem to have put down some sort of coating on the floors but not lacquer. The living room now smells like oranges and I have never heard of lacquer smelling good and the floors still look dull so I’m definitely at a loss there. They also didn’t mark off the doors to keep people from walking, which they did last time, so I really can’t imagine they did anything major there.

The lackey who was working in the bathroom really didn’t seem to do much. It looks like they sent him up there to start removing the structured wall paper from the walls but he didn’t get far. The paper looks to be stuck directly on the fiber board (is that the right word I want to use?) which of course makes it rather hard to get off…but he hardly seems to have put his heart into it so I don’t imagine he’ll be finding work with these guys too often. The last time I saw him he was standing and watching Macky 2 build our steps into the kitchen…which brings me to those. They look really good and the top stair is nice and wide and deep…very, very nice and elegant looking. As far as I can tell, after they have those set, they will probably start distributing the estrich/screed to the rest of the room to seal the floor. I am not really sure how long it will take to set before they can walk on it but I certainly hope they will be able to do something tomorrow as far as installing the windows. They do know that they’re coming and they have been really great thus far in thinking ahead and getting things accomplished so I have a lot of faith in them. They set the goal of finishing by Christmas, not us, so we’ll see how we do.

Very, very exciting to say the least! 🙂