Funerals are expensive, but they’re also essential for many families. Sorting yours, and stopping worrying is important when it comes to enjoying your later years. You can take the weight off your family financially, and make sure you’re leaving them a little more behind.

Sorting your funeral care doesn’t have to take too much effort either, just a quick phone call or some time online, and you can forget all about your own death, and get on with living! Here’s why being prepared for your funeral isn’t morbid, but simply common sense.

Funerals are Very Expensive

Over the last decade or so, funeral prices have risen steadily, to a point where now, in 2017, the average funeral costs around a staggering £4,000. What’s more, it’s not unreasonable to predict that a funeral in a decade’s time could cost almost twice that.

That’s no mean sum of cash, and that vast majority of us simply don’t have that lying around the house. Without planning ahead for how your funeral is performed and paid for, you’re leaving the cost of it up in the air, and that’s not just worrying for you, but your family too, especially if you’re not too well off. It just makes sense to know that it’s sorted, and not something you have to worry about.


Take the Weight Off of Your Family

Dealing with a loved one’s demise is hard enough, with all the complex mourning emotions that need to be played out, but it’s even harder when you’ve got to scrimp and struggle to put the money for a funeral together. Funerals are important, they make up part of closure and respect that many families simply need to go through. As such, being prepared lets your family sit back and know that things are prepared for and dealt with.


Leave your Family More

If you’ve managed to find the right, quality funeral service, and have got your funeral covered, that means that the £4,000 that would have had to come out of someone’s pocket, whether that’s yours or your families is now no longer your responsibility, and that £4,000 more that you’re leaving to your grandkids.


Guarantee your Peace of Mind

We’re talking about your last few time on this earth. Do you really want to spend the last parts of your life worrying about something as petty as money? You should be enjoying yourself, going on holiday, trying new hobbies and foods. You shouldn’t be thinking about your funeral for any more time than it takes to set up insurance for it. Stop worrying, and enjoy yourself.


Plan Ahead in General

Planning ahead in general at this point in your life simply makes sense. If you’ve got your will and funeral sorted, then it’s time to start thinking about more important things, like that bed and breakfast you’ve always wanted to open and learning to cook, carve, fish or paint. You should be spending your retirement finding new things to love and enjoy; after you’re gone shouldn’t be your concern.