Well, the slugs have had a great time on our lettuce once again. Quite a few of them took advantage of the open bar but it seems that there are just far too many to prevent some of them from going for the lettuce instead. We’ve pretty much lost all the plants now. So we’re going to start the slug removal process and see if we can’t get things under control. We’ve laid a few boards around the garden (since we have plenty of spare wood around here) and will go make a raid later after they’ve had some time to collect. We killed off a few already today while setting the “traps” and also found some good snails that actually eat slugs. But next time I think we’ll go armed with rubber gloves to pick them up and soapy water to kill them in…or perhaps a spray bottle with 25% ammonia and 75% water which is also supposed to kill them on the spot.