You’d be surprised how much money you can make from clearing unwanted items from your home. Whether you’re just looking to make a bit of cash or clear some space in your garage, you could be sitting on more than you think. Today, now more than ever, there are more and more ways to make a bit of extra cash from your used goods. In this article, we’re going to look at a few of them.


Yard Sale

This one is nice and easy because you can do it right in front of your property. That means people come to you, and you can simply unload the items you want to sale right onto the front lawn.

There are a few issues to consider with a yard sale. Firstly, make sure it’s well advertised. Unlike other ways to sell things, the market won’t come to you if they don’t know about it. Make sure you’ve advertised and sign-posted well in the local area. You can also use Facebook groups or local classified ads to advertise your yard sale. Tell all your friends to spread the word or consider joining families so you have more to sell, which becomes a better drawing factor. Click here for a few more yard sale tips.

Car Trunk /Boot Sale

 Another simple way to sell some of your items is to visit one of these car boot-style sales. You simply pay for a pitch and sell your items. Although you’ll have to transport your goods, there should be more potential buyers at the venue as people are used to visiting these sorts of sales regularly, but expect to haggle as many will be looking for a bargain.


Second-hand Stores

For certain items—like electronics, DVDs, and sporting equipment—you might find that a second-hand store is the right place to sell them. These stores might not pay the most, but you will be able to get your cash quickly and relatively easily. If you’ve got something you don’t necessarily want to get rid of but need the money, you can loan it to the store and buy it back (for more) at a later date. Just make sure you don’t miss the agreed date or they can sell the item to someone else.



With the growth in popularity of the internet, some of these traditional methods of selling used goods might seem outdated. With eBay and Craigslist—amongst others—there’s a huge market for almost any item you can think of.

For listing larger items, you might want to use something like Craigslist as it targets your local area, where people might be able to pick the item up. However, eBay is a huge market where you’ll be able to sell almost anything. Just remember, it might take a week or so to make the sale then a bit longer to get the money, and the site also takes a small fee.

When selling unwanted items, you might also want to consider self-storage options for those you either can’t sell, or don’t want to. Self-storage options are growing year on year, and it’s an affordable way to clear space in your home without selling something. If you can’t find one, try searching online for self storage near me.