Home is the place where you just are yourself and comfortable forgetting all the day’s rush and tension. So to make your home warm and comfortable you need some proper decorations. Be it a rented house or you have bought it for you both deserve the same treatment while decorating. But when it is a rental house you have to maintain the rules which are set by the owner so that the property is not damaged. So let us find how we can decorate our rental apartments with creative and wise decorating tricks or rather ideas.

Using wall paper

It is quite essential that in the rented apartment you would never like to spoil the décor of the house as then you may have to pay compensation to the landlord who has invested in that property. So the best way to decorate your walls is with the usage of a wall paper, and the new age peel and stick removable wallpaper would be the best choice for that. With the vibrant colors and floral designs now available in the wall paper world, you would be able to choose from a wide range of options. Many tenants use this trick to make their home look beautiful and cozy.

Adding some greens 

Green is the color of freshness and vibrancy so adding some greens to your home would be really good and healthy. You can add some short plants which can be nurtured inside. Like Poison Ivy is one plant which can be used indoors and would give a new look to the rented apartment. Also a Split Leaf Philodendron is another option of beauty which can be added to bring a daily vibrancy in the house. Also these indoor plants will keep the oxygen circulation inside the house stable and will make life happy and joyful.

A change on the kitchen floor 

Another place where people spend most of their time, especially women, if the kitchen and the flooring is ugly or untidy may pull out all the energy from oneself so the best way is to put floor stickers which are easily available just like the wall papers. They come with adhesive and can be taken out while you would shift from the house. The floor stays the same only you would enjoy the beauty of the floor sticker while it adorns your rented house kitchen.

An art piece 

Another way to bring a bounce in your rented apartment without changing the originality is hanging an art piece. It is not necessary that it has to be expensive or exquisite but just that it should add a different vibe to the house. Art in itself is a positive energy so adding an art piece will bring loads of positivity and happiness in the house. You can even frame your own art and hang it that would be more personal touch.

Add bamboo blinds 

It is a very new age way to keep your room cool, with the bamboo blinds, also it adds some volume in the house with the earthy look and color. When it is a rented apartment you have to keep the core the same and add things to bring the new look and freshness, as nothing is permanent there. For the summers, bamboo blinds are best as they can be rolled up over the widows when not used. The tricky thing is when it is rolled then too it gives a different look to your home and the window it is hung on.

Swapping of cabinet knobs 

Another easy way to bring a new look is you can screw out the existing cabinet knobs and keep them safely and use your own DIY knobs accordingly. It may sound small but a different cabinet knob will also add up to the look of the house. Every small thing matters from the peel and stick removable wallpaper to the cabinet new your own created knobs.

So now you have a strong idea how you can accessorize your rented apartment or home and give it a new enhanced look with warmth and coziness together. It is simple, you just have to think out of the well. Do not follow any trend, when decorating your home use your own innovations with the basics tips shared above.