Criticism and negative feedback are sometimes hard pills to swallow. We often feel bad about ourselves or angry at someone else when we feel like someone has tried to put us down. This is a common reaction to criticism and negative feedback, but there are some people who handle these uncomfortable experiences in another way, and they’re known to be people with high levels of emotional intelligence.

Take a break from looking into Nashville movers or scrolling social media, and let’s look at how emotionally intelligent people take feedback and criticism.

They Don’t Immediately React

One of the biggest signs of someone who is emotionally intelligent is that they don’t immediately react. This rings true even when it comes to someone criticizing them or trying to put them down. Instead of responding off the cuff with anger or defensiveness, they take time to process what’s been said to them. They can turn inward and acknowledge the provoked emotions, validate them, and respond in a more calm-mannered way. In essence, they have control over their emotional reaction to criticism and feedback.

They Ask for Clarification

We’ve all experienced times when we received feedback or perceived criticism that we don’t necessarily agree with or understand. An emotionally intelligent person never shies away from asking for clarification. They know that assumption is not always accurate, so they don’t waste their energy focused on hypotheticals. Instead, they go straight to the source and ask someone to explain something if they don’t fully understand or agree with it. This provides them with greater clarity and saves an enormous amount of energy when it comes to handling feedback or criticism.

They Understand Projection

Emotionally intelligent people understand that most people project their feelings and insecurities onto others. This is particularly true when it comes to people who criticize others. People who feel the need to put others down are typically those who harbor feelings of inadequacy or lack within themselves. Emotionally intelligent people can see right through this, and it allows them not to take criticism personally.

They Learn When Necessary

Feedback and criticism aren’t always negative things and emotionally intelligent people know this. While it’s true that criticism can be the result of someone who feels inferior or insecure, there is such a thing as constructive criticism, and emotionally intelligent people can distinguish the difference. Instead of being emotionally reactive to criticism or negative feedback, the emotionally intelligent person can take a step back and see if there’s something they can learn from it.

They Don’t Hold Grudges

Emotionally intelligent people know that holding onto resentment or grudges is a waste of precious time and energy. Even if they feel someone has wrongly criticized them, they can move past this. They can accept that others don’t fully understand them, and they don’t spend their time feeling upset about this lack of acceptance. While they may choose not to be around that person anymore, they’re able to let the feelings of criticism or attack go without holding onto it.