Getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes be a challenge, but restful sleep is essential for our overall health and well-being. Getting a good night’s sleep can be restorative, allowing our bodies and minds to heal and recover from the stress of the day. Sleep helps to improve cognitive function and mood, allowing us to be happier and more productive during the day.

One of the biggest impacts on our ability to sleep can be the comfort and quality of our mattress. Over time, our mattresses can deteriorate, they aren’t designed to last forever and as they age, they become worn and uncomfortable. Not only can this impact your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep, it can also start to cause back problems.

We live in an ever-evolving world of sleep innovations, and while this has opened up a wide variety of options, it has also made choosing a mattress in 2023 a daunting task.

So, if you’re preparing to embark on a journey to find the perfect mattress for you, we’ve put together this handy guide packed full of things to keep in mind while you shop.

1) Determine Your Sleep Style

Before jumping into your mattress selection, it’s important to understand your individual sleep style.

Not everyone sleeps in the same position, so figure out if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination of these because each sleep style requires different levels of support and firmness.

For example, if you’re a side sleeper, you may benefit from a softer mattress to reduce the pressure placed on your hips and shoulders and hips, while if you’re a back sleeper you might prefer a firmer mattress to help align your spinal alignment.

2) Understand Your Options

Mattresses come in a wide range of options, and understanding what’s out there can help you find the perfect model for you.

For example, memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular. This innovative sleep solution was originally invented by NASA. The mattresses perfectly contour to your body’s shape and help to relieve pressure points.

Alternatively, you may benefit from a hybrid mattress. These models combine the benefits of memory foam with the more traditional innerspring options, allowing sleepers to get the best of both worlds.

3) Assess Your Budget

Whatever your budget, the wide variety of mattresses on the market mean you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for you.

It could be tempting to choose the most expensive mattress available, but it isn’t always necessary, as the most expensive doesn’t always equal best for your sleep needs.

When you set a budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and help to keep you from overspending.

4) Find a Reputable Stockist

Finding the right mattress stockist can seem like a challenge, especially when you have so many options out there.

Ideally, you want to go to a specialist; find a store whose primary products are mattresses, as they will likely have staff who are knowledgeable not only about their makes and models, but also the entire sleep experience.

Experts such as Archers Sleep Centre have years of experience in the mattress market. They not only offer a wide selection of mattresses in all sorts of materials and firmnesses, but their team can provide you with valuable advice to find the ideal option for your needs.

5) Try Before You Buy

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what mattress will suit you best until you test it out. When you visit a shop to choose your model, you’ll be able to test a range of options before making a decision.

Take your time in your mattress search, and make sure to thoroughly investigate which firmness and material will help you sleep better.

Have you bought a new mattress in 2023? Share your shopping experience in the comments below!