The world around us changes rapidly. It evolves and transforms every few years or so. A decade ago we wouldn’t dream of being able to have access to so many information at just one click; we wouldn’t think that the world of today is so interlaced and complex. We have much more options now than some years ago, societies are growing to change accordingly to the transformations that occur constantly, and the process of studying is no exception – it is also changing. Nowadays education is much more accessible and inclusive than before, and you can study without even going to university. What we mean is you can study remotely without being tied up to this one particular place. You can actually travel while studying! And this is precisely what we will focus on. So stay tuned for some ways to travel and study all at the same time.

Learn online

This is probably the most obvious point in our list. If you want to hit the road and explore the world while also learning something or getting new skills – just study online. There are numerous learning platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, and FutureLearn that provide a thorough and highly professional coverage of numerous fields of knowledge and topics. You can learn pretty much everything over there, starting with computer programming and up to the different languages, graphic design, history and pretty much anything you think about. It is easy, accessible and in many cases even free of charge! So it is a perfect way to travel and study at the same time. Another way to travel while getting an education is by enrolling in a college or university online programs. It is a very popular choice nowadays. It is cheaper than the regular course, and you can learn while being on the other side of the world. It is nice to have an opportunity of getting a degree and being able to explore different places on our planet!

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Distant tutoring

If you want to advance your knowledge one of the choices available for you is to hire a private tutor. It is actually a very effective learning strategy and it is also available via the Internet. The schedule and studying program is very adjustable to your goals and lifestyle, so it is a nice option for being able to travel abroad and getting an education. You can also get assignment assistance for students from edubirdie`s tutors with any kind of task that seems difficult for you. 

Exchange programs

If you are already enrolled in University and online learning does not suit you, worry no more – we have a solution that is perfect for your situation. There are numerous internships and exchange programs that will allow you to see the world.  For instance,  Work and Travel Program is widely popular with students. It includes traveling to another country for a summer period, working there some jobs and getting to travel around. You decide on the place to go and job offer to accept, as well as the period of actual working and leisure time. College boards usually have some information about internships, just search for travel abroad jobs or jobs abroad 2018 at your educational establishment’s website or ask one of your professors for help with this question.

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Applying for studying in a foreign country

This is more of a drastic approach to the issue, so we advise an extensive search and preparations on this one. But if you are ready to go study somewhere else, this is a perfect option, as you will be able to be studying where you can travel and explore new places like Germany. Going abroad is not an easy decision, so careful consideration will be much needed before the final arrangements. If you are up for that (whether traditionally, or even as an online student) , studying in another country will give you an unforgettable experience and a huge boost of excitement. Everything will be new to you – food, language, culture, maybe even climate! So it is a huge mind-opener event that might affect your whole life! Who knows, maybe you will love it so much over there, that you just might stay for a little bit longer.
Get a job/ Ph.D. abroad

This is a bit on the difficult side of the issue. Getting a job is not a simple task, but finding it abroad is even tougher. However, if you are determined to do so, you might be able to learn there as well. Many companies offer language courses or additional opportunities to learn for those employees who work abroad. If you already have a Master’s Degree you can try applying for a paid Ph.D. position in a foreign country. It is like a mixture of a research and a typical job, so basically you will be learning at your workplace. Ph.D. might be rather a long-term commitment, but it is a good opportunity to meet people from all over the world, explore a new country and conduct research-related trips also. Think about it, getting to work someplace else might be a life changer and bring many novelties and excitement into your path.
About the Author: Sandra Hayward is a Ph.D. student in China, Shanghai. Coming from a small town in the USA, she has always been a fan of traveling and exploring new places, so she organized her studies accordingly to her passion. Sandra got her engineering Bachelor Degree in England, Master’s Degree in France and now she is doing a research in China.