Traditionally, garages were built to house cars to keep them secure and off the street, especially at night. However, statistics show that more than half of the UK’s 11 million garages are now used for storage. And with expensive items such as work tools, bikes, toys and fitness equipment calling the garage their home, it’s more important than ever to keep outbuildings secure.

Whatever you store in your garage, take a look at these tips for keeping your possessions safe and secure. 

Install good lighting 

Ensuring the area is well-lit will help deter burglars. Install sensor lighting which will illuminate the area when someone walks past and making it easier to spot a thief. 

Fit an alarm system 

If you haven’t already done so, fit an alarm system that will sound if someone tries to enter the garage. This will alert anyone in the home as well as neighbors if a break-in was attempted.  Remember, burglaries don’t just happen when a property is empty. Thieves are likely to attempt a break-in if they see an opportunity so always ensure the garage alarm is switched on, even when you’re in the house. 

Install CCTV

Not only does CCTV help deter criminals, it’s a good device to help the police if someone were to break-in. Adding external signs to warn of CCTV cameras is a good idea and would hopefully result in criminals thinking twice about trying to enter your property. 

Fit secure locks 

Choose a secure locking system on your garage door such as a euro cylinder lock from RS Components. This will prevent a criminal breaking the lock as a means of entry, providing high security.  Half-cylinder locks are often found on garages, although they can be utilized on a variety of doors where one side is opened with a key. 

Choose a secure door

It’s no use having the best lock fitted if the door itself is old, broken and easily forced open. Ensure your garage door is sturdy and secure and remember to pay attention to any additional side doors or entry points too. 

Use additional security measures

If you use your garage to store treasured possessions such as bikes and expensive gardening equipment, it’s a good idea to secure these individually too. Lock your bike and anchor to a stand if possible and hide items from view if there are windows. 

Using storage cupboards with extra locking systems inside the garage will provide additional security.

Don’t forget insurance

In the event of any unfortunate break-in or theft, you’ll want to have appropriate home insurance. Ensure expensive items are covered whilst stored in the garage for peace of mind.