Luxury cruises provide the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. When you’re on board, you can lounge by the pool, sip on cocktails and take as many nap breaks as necessary. Then, when you dock at an international metropolis or an exotic seaside town, you lace up your hiking shoes and get ready to explore. If you want to stay active on your next voyage on a cruise ship, plan a few shore excursions during which you can stretch your leg. Here are just a few of your options for fun day trips.


Take a Walking Tour

One of the easiest ways to check out a new place is by foot. Depending on the port (and the language spoken there), you may be able to plan your own walking tour around the city or town and stop in at some spots off the beaten path. You can also set up a guided walking tour or a hike with the help of a local company. If you’re stopped somewhere with beautiful forests and beaches to explore, a guided tour may be your best option since you could be venturing out into uninhabited areas.

Go for a Guided Swim

Have you ever wanted to snorkel in water so blue you can’t tell where the waves end, and the sky begins? If you’re cruising in the Caribbean or another part of the world known for its breathtaking seas, like the Mediterranean, skip the hike and enjoy an active day of snorkeling or scuba diving. Your cruise line will probably be able to recommend a port-based business with experts who can safely helm your day of aquatic exercise and exploration.


Go for a Boutique Experience

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of French cooking in France? Peek behind the scenes of a famous cathedral or museum? Take a stretch limo to dinner and a show in one of the world’s chicest cities? When you decide to book an excursion with a small, boutique business, unique options like these are right at your fingertips. Okay, so a cooking class or a private tour may not be the most active excursions out there…but you can always make up for it with a swim aboard the ship after your night on the town!

Dock at a Small Port Via Wet Landing

Sometimes the simple act of disembarking from the ship can be an experience in itself — at least, that is, if you do a wet landing. Unlike your typical cruise ship departure, which involves a large dock and a ramp to accommodate all guests, a wet landing is for the more adventurous cruiser. When your ship comes to a small port, it may not be able to “pull up” right to the shore. In this case, the ship sends guests on a raft to the beach. You hop off right into the water, a unique and active way to start your day trip.

With so many ways to venture out and explore new locales, don’t just sit back and stay on the cruise ship when it docks. Fill your day with photo ops as you snorkel alongside ocean critters, take a walking tour of an ancient city or speed toward shore on a bobbing raft. Regardless of what you plan for your days on solid land, if you choose a few fun, unique activities that get you moving, it’ll be easy to balance out any indulging you do at the cruise buffet or bar! So, start planning some active fun before your next cruise.

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