Selling and getting cash for junk cars can be a stressful process. You may have created the best Craigslist or AutoTrader ad possible, but it can be difficult to determine if the buyer is actually legitimate. Some buyers have malevolent intentions when responding to some advertisement for a junk car.

In this article, we discuss some common ways of verifying the legitimacy of a junk car buyer. Within each section, we introduce a new method of verification and explain how owners can benefit from this approach when seeking cash for their junk car.

Ask for References from the Buyer

One way of ensuring that you are dealing with a legitimate buyer is to ask the buyer to provide you with some references.

We recommend calling or video chatting with these references because this will allow you to get the best sense of the buyer’s character and level of honesty. A simple e-mail or text could allow the buyer to impersonate these references in order to dupe you further.

If the buyer is resistant to this idea or if none of the references he provides are available to chat, then this might be an indication that something is fishy.


Do a Quick Google Search of the Buyer’s Language

When seeking cash for your junk cars, you can also verify the legitimacy of buyers by googling the language that they use to communicate with you.

Many scammers reuse the same linguistic tricks. Consequently, many victims have posted these tricks on the internet in order to prevent other potential victims from being impacted.

Many scammers use overeager language that is rooted in desperation. There are also usually typos since many scammers are foreigners.


When Getting Cash for Junk Cars – Set Strict Guidelines for Payment

We also recommend setting very strict guidelines when determining how you will be paid.

We recommend only accepting cash for your junk car, as this will prevent checks from bouncing and leaving you devoid of compensation.

Also, we recommend avoiding any kind of bank transfers, as providing this kind of information to strangers could result in some kind of identity theft.

If the person you’re talking to balks at any of these requirements, then that’s a telltale sign that you might be conversing with a scammer. If the person you’re talking to gladly acquiesces to your payment system, then it’s likely that their motivations are benevolent.


Our Final Thoughts on Getting Cash for Junk Cars

While fear is counterintuitive, we think a healthy dose of skepticism would be effective when dealing with junk car buyers.

We think many scammers exist who intend to steal your car, your money, or your identity, or sometimes all the above. Consequently, it’s critical that you be skeptical of every potential buyer.

This doesn’t mean treating the buyer with disrespect. Rather, it means asking for and checking references, doing a quick google search of the buyer’s language, and setting stringent requirements for being paid.

If you do all these things, then the likelihood that you will be scammed will be significantly minimized.