Beautiful landscapes, special moments and unique motifs – on vacation, people are snapping like crazy. However, the beautiful results are rarely given a second glance. Hardly back from vacation, a folder is created on the computer and the mass of shots is stowed away. Often years pass until the pictures are opened again. It is a pity, since one has taken so much time for photographing. Do you feel the same way? We show you how to honor your vacation memories.

Exchange of memories during a cozy evening with friends

Staring at photos for hours fills you with dread? No wonder as most people do not make a targeted selection, but play the images in an endless loop. But with the right tools, a photo night can also be exciting and fun. With the help of a photo manager, you can separate the wheat from the chaff. Blurry images or photos that are simply unexciting can be sorted out in no time at all. In addition, the selection can be made appealing with a slideshow maker. Special effects can be integrated to lift the mood. But it is also possible, for example, to superimpose an audio over the files. If you also want to retouch circles under the eyes, adjust the background or change the lighting conditions, you can work with the program Piverse. This Photo Editor is available on

Start your own DIY-project

A great way to give pictures a second life is with DIY projects. You can be artistic and creative and get a great end result as a reward. The options are endless, which is why we would like to present you with a small selection.

Customized decoration

On the one hand, the vacation memories are great to fill empty walls. For example, the photos can be printed on canvases, hung as posters or put in picture frames. By choosing an unusual composition, the new wall decoration will become a real eye-catcher. Especially an asymmetrical arrangement is a good way to add spice to the room.

It is also very popular to create a wall full of photos. The mass of photographs creates a great effect and is a beautiful wall decoration full of memories. Moreover, by choosing square prints as the format, the arrangement looks less chaotic and special.

Photo album or calendar

In addition, it is also a good idea to fall back on the classic photo album. The albums are unique mementos that last a lifetime. It is also possible to integrate souvenirs into the book. Concert tickets, shells and the napkin of the favorite restaurant give the album a very personal touch.

Furthermore, the individualized calendar is also becoming increasingly popular. Even though it offers less space than the photo album and can only be used once. For the travel buddy, however, it is a wonderful birthday gift to relive the shared moments.


Another way to exercise your creativity is to scrapbook. Such a memory book is similar to the photo album, and yet has so many differences. It is a way to put your own personality on paper. With the help of pens, stickers and other craft items, true masterpieces can be created. A scrapbook takes a lot of time and effort, but is absolutely worth it!

Individual objects

Ultimately, more and more companies are offering the production of individualized items. Cell phone covers, snow globes, pillows, mugs and many other objects can be printed with vacation photos. The memories are thus not only close to the heart but always with you.