We certainly should have written about this already but with all the chaos of the holidays, we just haven’t found the time. But Stefan is back to work now and so am I so perhaps the blogs will become a bit more frequent again πŸ˜‰

You may be wondering how things turned out with the guest house – well it’s not perfect yet but at least livable. We had some major issues with attaching the showers on the wall and are going to break down and call a plumber when we have a moment to spare. We just can’t get the fixtures attached without water ultimately dripping from somewhere along the piping. Obviously we can’t just let the drip go (especially those which are actually behind the drywall) and despite Stefan reattaching the things about 5 times (once with the help of his father which is when we learned Stefan, as a leftie, actually was wrapping the Teflon tape backwards around the piping – doh!), they just can’t resist the urge to drip. So we’re sick of it all and are giving up this battle. He did hook up the sink & toilet with wonderful results, though!

We’ve finished all the tile and also laid the laminate flooring in the bedroom side. All the furniture is built and usable (bed, TV stand, sink cabinets, etc) and we’re very pleased with the way things have turned out so far. We still have a few smaller things to deal with like finishing off the closet 100% (it’s got drywall now but needs flooring and a lot of cleaning up), adding a sliding door between the bedroom and closet, building a transition piece between the bedroom and bath, putting baseboards throughout the room, and of course installing the showers. Yeah, still a bunch of stuff to do but at least the extreme pressure is gone. The last few days before Christmas when Stefan’s parents were coming, we were working until 3 am – not fun at all! And there was still a ton of stuff to be dealt with then they arrived. But they didn’t mind pitching in a bit and helping to install the glass door to the bathroom as well as putting silicone around the shower, which was really great.

I would love to show you some photos, but we haven’t taken any yet and I have an ice pack to my face after having some dental surgery today and just don’t feel like it….but I will try to get some up in the next few days! It’s really hard to believe that a few months ago there was only an unfinished room there which once houses horses, birds and goats. Now it’s fit for humans, which thankfully are usually a lot cleaner! πŸ˜‰

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!!