One of Ayla’s favorite spots in the yard these days is on top of the patio table. It doesn’t matter how many times I make her get off, there is at least one time during the day that I walk to the back door and see her standing up there. In fact, this evening I guess she thought it would be really fun to beckon me to the door while she sat there on the table. The beckoning consists of her barking once which is her usual signal to us that she is ready to come back inside. So I walk to the door and look out there to see her sitting on the table, happy as a clam. She had no intentions of getting down and I didn’t even bother trying because I knew she would just be right back up there in a few minutes. I am concerned about her falling off but at least the table is big enough to support her still…in a few months it may be an entirely different story.

With that being said, we are very close to purchasing a new home and will hopefully be moving before the end of the year. The new place already has a doggy cleaning area and a little cement hole for her to cool off in during the summer. I’ll talk more about the house later (not willing to jinx anything at the moment lol) but we will certainly have to remember not to put the patio table near any walls (especially exterior ones), roofs or anything similar since our little climber dog will probably start working on her next disappearing act. But, since we are climbers ourselves (although we prefer rock to tables & roofs), I guess we can’t really be too upset that our Ayla is a climber too lol.