Making the Defender a true road trip vehicle will require a few minor additions. Stefan and I spent the morning listing gadgets and tools we think would make our road trips more comfortable and practical. Our wish list had included a stereo system capable of playing mp3s and Bluetooth technology for some time, but we also wanted a navigation system with a decent sized screen and a CB radio. The problem is finding the space for all these gadgets in the Defender. We believe we have found the perfect solution for our dilemma. The stereo will fit in the front console replacing the stock stereo. And we have found a manufacturer for ceiling consoles which can easily house the CB and the navigation system using a flip down screen.

With all the electric gadgets out of the way our planning is now turning to storing all of our standard equipment, clothes, camping stuff etc. Our thoughts are turning to aluminum storage trunks, but we will see how that goes when the car gets delivered. We have settled on an aluminum box with storage drawers for the kitchen equipment but are still searching for the best model. Since the kitchen is what will get most usage it is important to us, that everything has its place and it can easily be moved in and out of the car.

The planning for additional equipment continues when the Defender finally gets delivered!