Ok, I’m pretty sure it’s not a full moon but wow. So the workers called it a day early. Apparently the helper stepped over something and set his foot down wrong and twisted the thing pretty badly. Hopefully it’s not broken but I guess we’ll know more tomorrow. So I packed up doggo and came back home. No need to sit out there at the farm, Internet or not, when there’s tons of other stuff I can accomplish at home while I work.

We get in the front door, I take the leash off Ayla and she darts out the front door. I know, my stupid mistake for taking her off the leash while the front door was still open but I wanted to check the mail. Dumb. She ran into the backyard where the pond is and moved around into a corner where I would basically have to go through the pond to get to her. So I kept trying to get her to come to me and instead she went through the hedge into the neighbor’s yard…where they already hate both me and her. So I walk around the yard and the hedge into the neighbor’s yard (they have no fence from the street into their yard) and Ayla was running around and frolicking and apparently thinking, “Oh, this game is the MOST fun!!” I know better than to chase her and I basically just walk slowly and tell her to stop or come or whatever…which of course doesn’t work so well when she’s all wound up but at least I managed to keep her from going on the neighbor’s steps and getting them all dirty.

So from that neighbor’s yard, she went across the street to look for Fly, the Border Collie, who had been out there about 5 minutes earlier but apparently had gone inside since then. With no one interesting in that yard to scope out, she went to the next yard where there was thankfully no one outside. I went into their yard as well (front gates standing open) and managed to herd her back towards our house (thank goodness it’s a quiet block and hardly any cars passing through).

She’s of course a few steps ahead of me, running like a mad dog…and then she just stops in front of Fly’s house. I told her to stop and wait…and amazingly enough she did. No idea what distracted her or caused her to actually listen but then I snapped the leash back on her and led her home without a fight.

Am I confused? Yes…but I’m blonde so that happens sometimes. But seriously? What is it that drives these dogs sometimes? First the Blackberry destruction, then we come home, she gets to see Carsten, her favorite kid on the block, sees Fly a little (who won’t play with her at all anymore) and then she decides it would be a good idea to go for a bit of a run around the neighborhood?? Next time maybe I’ll just sit in the driveway and watch from a distance until she comes running…