No, Manhattan has an appeal that is unlikely to fade anytime soon. When the COVID 19 pandemic hit New York, there were concerns that the bustling districts in the city, including Manhattan, would soon become a ghost city because of its vast population. This is one of the most populous areas in the world, with approximately 72,000 residents per square mile. This vast market makes Manhattan an attractive investment hub for all sorts of businesses, including Airbnb New York midtown.

Renowned attraction sites

Some of the places in Manhattan are known even to people who have never been to New York. Some of the notable Manhattan establishments include Wall Street, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building and many more dazzling skyscrapers that will always be unique to this area.

The iconic Statue of Liberty, also located in Manhattan, is a physical reminder of America’s freedoms. Arts and entertainment also converge in Manhattan. Every year, more than 13 million people, including locals and tourists, go for Broadway shows. If you don’t feel like finding something interesting by yourself, you should check out Bookmundi for some awesome tours that explore New York, and Manhattan.

Sunset of Manhattan

There are several traditions that New Yorkers partake in, but one of the most popular is the sunset of Manhattan, commonly referred to as Manhattanhenge. During this event, the setting sun leaves a spectacle when it aligns with the east and west streets of Main Street.

Since it is a natural phenomenon that occurs twice a year, New Yorkers often converge in Manhattan to take shots of this amazing sunset. The first event usually takes place on May 28 and the next one on July 2.

Manhattan is a critical financial hub

Did you know that 25% of the world’s gold reserve is invested in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? Manhattan has a reputation, not just for its investment opportunities, but also as a stepping stone for some of the businesses entities that have expanded to other states.

The demand for business space has pushed the price for rental space up, but this has not discouraged competition since investors know the return on investment is high. For example, operating a hot dog stand anywhere between Fifth Avenue and East 62nd Street can cost more than $250,000 annually!

New York is also one of the cities that sees an influx of college students and workers looking for opportunities in the city that never sleeps. So, even as some New Yorkers are fleeing to the suburbs, many more people are coming to the city.

September 11 Memorial and Museum

The 2001 September 11 terrorist attack left a scar in America that will probably last a lifetime. The Twin Towers once stood tall in Manhattan, and the lives of the 3000 victims of the attack will be remembered for decades to come. Today, the largest man-made waterfalls have replaced the Twin Towers. A reflection of the 3000 names of the victims is visible in the twin pools. This location tells a story of devastation and recovery, a tale that will last for generations.

Manhattan has a rich history. It is the background of many movies that have been shot in New York, and this has attracted the interest of many first time visitors. Manhattan has some unique aspects that make it one of the most sought after locations in New York City.