I guess since hubby and I have been sick for the last few days, Ayla decided it would be a good opportunity to try to stir up trouble. When we walk her, we usually take her off the leash and let her roam free. She’s never tried to run off and listens very well when we call after her…assuming there isn’t something much more interesting there to hold her attention. So we were out walking on Sunday and Ayla ran by with something in her mouth. For a change, she actually listened when we told her to stop and we got her to drop the creature in her mouth. It turned out to be a rather stiff mole which I guess was killed by one of the local cats. Why they decided to leave it behind I don’t know but they could have at least dropped it in the stream or something. Although I have no doubt that Ayla is super quick (her sneaking the steaks comes to mind), I’m not really convinced that she could catch a mole, even though he was rather large (and therefore I assume might be slower).

Since both of us were now sick Monday morning, we completely forgot about the mole which was still laying on our walking path and she picked it up again, parading it around like a new toy. I honestly don’t see what’s so great about a stiff, nasty little mole carcass but I guess that is something humans and dogs will just never understand about each other. Naturally, neither of us had an “ammunition” in our pockets (doggie treats) and we had to stalk her to get her to finally stop and release the mole…

Today she was not so lucky and had to stay on her leash the whole walk due to various factors like other people on the path. But I’m sure she’s just waiting for the opportunity when we forget about the mole again…I’m just hoping it stops being attractive to her before that happens again.