Well not much has really changed here I guess. I have been informed that I sounded really down over the last few entries and like I was really hating life with Ayla. I just want everyone to rest assured that all is ok and I’m not freaking out with her. The good times with her are really great, the bad times definitely suck and the times in between run the full gamut from great to sucky. It just so happens that I tend to write more about the bad times because they are usually occurring when I write…and some would say that they are much more interesting than the good times anyway lol. Anyways, two days ago, hubbers and I realized that he hasn’t been taking her out first thing in the morning lately but instead Ayla has to wait another 10 minutes or so for me to come down and let her out and feed her and all that. Since her behavior has not been the greatest lately, we thought we might see if that has something to do with her having less bonding time with “daddy.” So we haven’t really reached a conclusion yet in the past two days but she does seem extremely happy to see him in the morning so we’ll take that as a positive sign ๐Ÿ˜‰

This morning, I was quite certain that I would have to spend the weekend getting some very strange looks. I was bent down talking to Ayla and saying good morning when she jumped up in my face and mouthed me. I was pretty sure I would end up with a scratch or something but thankfully there is nothing. I do have a bruise from yesterday, though, where she ended up head butting me in the jaw. Both incidents were mostly accidents but apparently we’re going to need to start doing some more work on keeping all paws on the ground. Perhaps even go back to having the leash on inside the house – joy of all joys lol.

I also thought we might be looking for yet another new laptop (this one is only about 4 months old now). I was drinking a cup of tea before we went for a walk and was sitting at the dining table which is my makeshift desk. Ayla tried to jump up in my lap, hitting my arm in the process and of course spilling tea everywhere. But apparently Someone is watching out for me today because only a tiny drop landed on the laptop and the rest on the table.

Mind you this was all before our morning walk at 6:40 am. That’s a pretty awful time, right? Of course many of you in America probably have to go that early in the morning just to beat the heat right now. We had that problem last week, with temps in the 70s long before 8 am but we’re back down to highs during the day in the 60s & 70s so I will try not to rub it in.

Anyway, the weekend is officially going to start this evening for us. Hubbers has the day off tomorrow and we have a meeting regarding our new house so we’re expecting everything to run smoothly then and will hopefully be closing on it next week. Much more on that later when things are more certain but we are super excited to say the least ๐Ÿ˜‰