Today is a very big day at the house. They are starting the construction on the new kitchen and more specifically are creating holes for the new windows as I write this. They have a big jack hammer out there and are just drilling away at the wall…I’m sure our neighbors must be loving that lol.

We were actually supposed to start a week ago but our contractor had to go back to Croatia because a family member died and that set back all his projects a bit. But at least it is all good to go now and things are full speed ahead.

So what exactly are we planning to have accomplished before we move in at the end of January 2007? Here’s a list:

Enlarge the kitchen. This actually means we break a huge hole in our present dining room, about 6 feet wide, and open it up to the building located next it it. Since they share a common wall this shouldn’t be too terrible but the wall is around 60 cm thick which does make it rather labor intensive. In the wall that faces the courtyard, we are also breaking through the wall to install two tall windows and a set of doors which will open up to the courtyard and allow us to have our kitchen, dining room and grill area all easily and quickly connected. In addition, the walls, floors and ceilings must be insulated and drywalled…then comes laying the tile floor, finishing the walls, installing the kitchen and granite counter top and painting. Oh, and I almost forgot laying the new plumbing and electricity and so forth. Not much to be done there, right? 😉 When we’re finished, the kitchen & dining room area will be about 400 square feet as opposed to the barely 200 it is now. And the current dining room will just be a walk through while the present kitchen will become my home office.

Add the second bathroom upstairs in house. This requires hanging drywall on one wall to cover the wood beams currently showing in there. Then we need new flooring laid, plumbing run for the sink, toilet and shower and all those things have to be installed as well.

Reinforce the beams in the attic with steal beams. We will likely do the laying of insulation ourselves in this room and eventually hang the drywall and finish out the attic as a full living space…either to become our own bedroom or whatever else we come up with.

Sand the floors in the living room, media room, bedroom, upstairs hallway & stairs.

Paint the entire interior of the house.

Anyways, there is plenty to be done and I have a million other things to get accomplished that aren’t house related. Thankfully the Internet is now working here so I can at least get the majority of things I need to get accomplished regardless of where I am.