Just checking my mail this morning…when I lovely little message from the Aerosmith fan club greeted me:

Aerosmith is expected to hit the studio at the end of the month to start working on a new studio album.  Singer Steven Tyler let us know what kind of music to expect on the record.

(Actuality #1) “Just your usual Aerosmith, you can’t tame it, rocking out, in your face music.”

Once the new CD is completed, Tyler revealed that the band is already scheduled to hit the road.
(Actuality #2) “The tour is booked for March or April, I believe it starts, and then we eat the States although I think there are some outside gigs but not as much as last year when we did Dubai and India and wound up in Russia.”

Hell yeah! Our first Aerosmith concert in Munich a few years ago was awesome. We told ourselves then that when they toured again, we would go see at least one show because these guys might be getting older, but they still rock harder than most new kiddie bands these around days. And of course they’re worlds better…but I guess some would find that debatable.

So now we just have to be patient until the new album comes out and until they release the tour dates…please, oh please, be including some places near us in Europe!