For the past two days, we’ve had some rather interesting weather here. When we woke up yesterday, there was a light blanket of snow covering everything and apparently everyone around here forgot how to drive in slush because it took hubby almost twice as long to get to work. This morning it’s been snowing again but none of it is sticking at the moment. It’s supposed to be 36 degrees outside but not going to get much warmer so if this keeps up, the evening commute could get interesting. They’re forecasting that it will turn into rain later on but if the temps drop again that is not going to make it nice at all.

I tried to take a picture as i see it here from my desk in the office but they didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. A master photographer I’m certainly not.

I also took a shot of the house across the street. They are incredibly nice neighbors and have done quite a bit of work on their house as well. But it’s not under historical protection so they’ve been able to do some stuff like adding on a covered porch to the side and installing plastic windows. I’m pretty sure that even if we didn’t have the historical protection we wouldn’t be doing things like that…but I guess sometimes convenience and price can get the best of a person. But it’s still a lovely little house which we’re quite glad to have as a neighbor.