This is my first week actually working on the Hypnobabies home study course. There are no hypnotherapists in Germany doing this program although I did find one that did another similar course not too far from here. But I think this course is better suited for me so I went with it anyway.

In case you haven’t heard about it, Hypnobabies is a “complete childbirth education course that also teaches Gerald Kein’s famous Painless Childbirth techniques to Hypnobabies mothers so that they can enter hypnosis, deepen it themselves and remain mobile during labor, completely comfortable at all times. Most of our Hypno-babies have no drugs in their systems when they are born, and are able to nurse, breathe well and interact with their happy parents immediately.” And because the Hypno-mom also has no drugs in her system, she can be a coherent, interactive human again after giving birth, not someone continuing to feel pain, distress, complete exhaustion and whatever else might come along with it.

Basically one needs to really work on thinking positively and open up their brain to the suggestions that they introduce in their manuals and audio CD’s (or regular course if you take one.) There are many videos available on YouTube to view that show women giving birth in calm, relaxed ways without ever uttering anything remotely resembling pain. You see, it’s been brainwashed into us that giving birth has to be painful, stressful and traumatic. Every time you see someone giving birth on TV or in movies, she’s screaming and yelling…and it generally turns into a long, unpleasant ordeal. But in other cultures, and throughout history, women have given birth to children without issues and complications…and some then gone directly from working to birthing to working again without any problems. And I’m not talking over the span of a few days…we’re talking hours. They mention women in China working in the fields until they are ready to give birth, they stop what they are doing to bring their child into the world, might rest a few minutes then pass the baby over to a grandmother figure and go back to work. No crying and screaming about how terrible it was. It’s just a natural, beautiful event that takes place and if you believe it will be traumatic, well, then it will be.

So before you start thinking I’ve gone off the deep end and become totally fruity, I am still a realist and I do know that this sounds a bit crazy. But even celebrities have tried it and loved it (Jessica Alba for one) and after the many, many personal stories I’ve read and videos I’ve seen, I think this is the right way to go for me. Please don’t post a bunch of negativity here and try to tell me I’m nuts. I will be having the birth in a hospital though…so no worries.