A few weeks ago, Ayla decided it would be a great idea to start gnawing off one corner of the carpeted stairs in the house. Then the small hole became a tear and more pieces of the corner disappeared and then we knew we were going to be in trouble with the landlord for sure.

While my mom was here, she offered to help us fix it. Thankfully there are a few extra pieces of carpet downstairs which we were able to use to repair the hole. This was definitely not an easy task since the carpet is extremely low pile, almost like commercial carpet, and apparently about 20 years old making it relatively brittle. Anyway, my mom worked wonders and we finally managed to get the thing into place and looking as good as it possibly could.

We started cleaning everything up and were admiring our work. It was just about time for hubby to come home when we looked down at the step and noticed there was a chunk of the carpet missing again, right over the corner of the step. Not 20 minutes after we’d replaced the carpet, she had eaten a hole in the thing again. Which gains her the right to sleep in her box until we move since we can’t have her destroying stuff in the house we’ll need to repair right before we move…we simply don’t have the time. Hopefully everything else will survive before the move and she won’t decide she needs to start eating the moving boxes as well…we need all of them we can get at this point.