Cooking can be fun, but oftentimes it’s just so laborious. There are numerous tasks you need to do before the food comes to life. Thankfully, technology has made our life way easier. These wonderful small appliances are ready to give you a hand when you’re struggling in the kitchen!

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High-speed blender

This versatile appliance is a permanent member of many kitchens, and that’s for a reason. There are many things you can do with a high-speed blender. Soups, sauces, lemonade—all check! Satisfy your inner chef by getting one of these full-size countertop blenders.

A blender is especially useful for health junkies. You can easily throw in some fruits and veggies of your choice into this appliance, and there you have it: a yummy, healthy drink for you to enjoy. Taking your nutrients has never been this easy, so hurry and get a blender from the store.


This appliance is a morning lifesaver for many. Small in size yet super helpful- a toaster guarantees you a pair of perfectly burned toast. Add some egg, sausages, and a glass of orange juice; voila, you get a proper breakfast. And yes, you can make toast with a pan, but why bother if there’s a machine designed for that?

You can pick either a traditional toaster or a toaster oven. A traditional toaster has one or two slots for the bread, while a toaster oven has a door to put the bread inside. It comes down to your preference, but both are equally great.


Sometimes we just don’t feel like cooking. In times like this, instant frozen food often comes to the rescue. And you know how many kinds of frozen goods you can prepare using only a microwave. No wonder it’s one of the most beloved small kitchen appliances for many.

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Microwaves are also great for heating leftovers. There are times when we cook too much food, so we put the rest in the fridge and reheat it later. Simply pop the microwave door, put the leftovers in, and minutes later, you get a warm meal. Bonus point if the microwave has inverter technology—it distributes heat on your food more evenly.

Stand mixer

Baking is a lot of fun. You know what’s not? Holding the hand mixer around for a few minutes during the process. It looks like a job for a stand mixer! Believe me, your shoulder will thank you when you get this appliance. Also, no more unwanted arm workouts in the kitchen.

You can do a lot of things with a stand mixer. Bread, marshmallow, pasta, and many more recipes can be made with the help of this appliance. Also, do you know that you can get additional attachments for a stand mixer? These attachments transform the mixer into many more functions, from ice cream maker to meat grinder. Truly a versatile gadget!

Coffee machine

Lots of people need their daily dose of caffeine as soon as they wake up in the morning. If you’re one of them, you know the struggle of dragging yourself to the kitchen to make coffee–while still half asleep. Don’t risk burning yourself with boiling water anymore. Instead, say hello to the coffee machine!

A coffee maker is also nice to have when you work from home. In the office, you generally have access to a pantry with this machine. Why not bring the same comfort to your home? Get up from your seat and go to the coffee maker for a quick energy boost.

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Food chopper

Do you like cooking but have downright terrible knife skills? Save your time and energy with an electric food chopper. This compact appliance helps you in chopping veggies and many more ingredients. Throw ‘em into the container and turn the thing on. Now you get a chopped version of the fresh produce without getting your finger cut.

A food chopper is like a mini version of a food processor. It is usually smaller and easier to clean. Yet if you regularly cook in big batches, a food processor might help you better. This is because it has a large container with different blades for various purposes.

Air fryer

The internet welcomed this new kitchen star recently! An air fryer has taken the net by storm in the last few years. If you wonder why, take a look at its ‘magic’: this appliance can fry things without oil. Well, you still need to use cooking spray, but the result is still on par with deep-fried goods. That’s why some people claim the food made with air fryers is healthier.

While the claim might be debatable, an air fryer is still an exciting newcomer to the kitchen world. Getting one will add some joy to your cooking experience. You can put anything in there—steak, chicken, French fries, anything—and turn them into restaurant-grade delicacies. What else are you waiting for?

Warm food warms our hearts. That being said, it’s nice to have your food warm throughout mealtime. This is the job of a portable induction cooktop, where it produces heat for the food right on the table. No more cold dinner on a cold night with this appliance.

If you’re a fan of East Asian cuisine, having a portable induction burner is also helpful. Some of the dishes require you to constantly keep them heated. You don’t need to go to your favorite Chinese or Korean restaurant because you can enjoy your favorite hot pot or ramyeon right at home by using this appliance.