I am quite happy to say that they finally delivered our shower today. Of course, it was not without total mishap because what would I have to write about if everything went smoothly? lol

The procedure works like this. The delivery guy picks up the shower in the morning from the home improvement store and then we can call the store to get the driver’s cell number. Then we call the driver personally to find out in what time frame the guy plans to deliver the shower based on his other deliveries for that day. So I called this morning to get the number and all seemed good. Then I called the driver and he had no clue what I was talking about when I told him the city he was making the delivery to. So I called the store back and told them we had a problem. They assured me that he did in fact have our shower and they would get to the bottom of things. Thankfully, I thought to ask what delivery address they have down for the shower because it turns out that they were going to take it to our old house. I guess that might have been fine except that no one would be there and getting it to the correct house would have been a problem – but apparently he hadn’t tried to deliver it yet so all was good. But I couldn’t get a delivery time frame yet because the guy would return to the store first, pick up more stuff and then come bring our shower however it fit into the plan. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about this but at least it was coming.

As it turns out, we seem to have been the first delivery on his list because when I finally got him on the phone after he’d been back to the store, he said he was just leaving there and on his way to our place. Excellent news. He got here about 30 minutes later (it was about 12:30 by now) and actually started complaining to me for not giving the right address to them for delivery. So I explained to him that when I ordered the shower, the sales guy told me the delivery address wouldn’t be a huge issue since they would call about setting up the delivery time anyway…but apparently they didn’t do that since the number to call was hubby’s cell but that’s not really my problem.

Unfortunately they also delivered a toilet with the shower components. I saw unfortunately because we did actually order the toilet in the beginning but told them weeks ago to cancel the toilet because it was no longer needed. We forgot that the system needed for the upstairs bath is a bit different than the one we had downstairs so we needed a slightly different toilet. They assured us multiple times that the toilet would not be included but somehow we still got the thing. So we’ll be taking that back to the store tomorrow and hopefully without any hassle. As if we need one more thing to do tomorrow…

Anyway, I finally got out of here at about 1 pm and made my way over to the old house. After packing up more random stuff in my truck, I started the painting project and was happy to see that everything I did yesterday was looking great. And thankfully I managed to finish the rest of the walls today so we don’t have to get to the house quite so early tomorrow to take care of things before the landlord arrives to check everything out. We still haven’t replaced the carpet on the stair so that is worrying us a bit but we’ll see what we can do with it tomorrow. And we decided that we will not be cleaning the carpets after all (although they badly need them) but they needed it before we moved in as well and legally the landlord is now supposed to replace the carpet so we’ll see what he says.

We’re definitely dreading this meeting since he kept all of the deposit from the previous renters and really made a stink about things that they did. We know this since they were friends of ours and we were there when the landlord met with them to hand over keys and such. They are usually reasonable people and we think we’ve been rather good tenants and certainly left them alone about most things…but we’ll just have to see.