The living room is one place in the home where we spend the most time. You want to make it so the area is spacious and cozy for everyone. No one likes hanging out in a cramped space where you’re barely able to move. If you’re having this dilemma in your own living room, here are some ways you can remedy it.

Get rid of unnecessary furniture

Take an inventory of your living room furniture and see if you find anything you can remove. Maybe you have that lamp that doesn’t work anymore or a side table that only holds various knick knacks. This step requires some ruthlessness

Remove clutter

You should also get rid of clutter lying around your house. When there aren’t random items lying on the floor, you are free to move around without any obstacles in your way. If you can’t get rid of them, find a storage area where you can keep them out of sight.

Take advantage of vertical space

For items that you do want to display, vertical shelves are your best friend. Here, you can display personal items such as books, travel souvenirs, picture frames, and your favorite scented candle.

Similarly, there are vertical cabinets that can store items you don’t want to see. Have these installed in your living room for easy access.

Create an illusion of space with a mirror

A mirror is undoubtedly one of the best ways to create the feeling of more space. Consider getting a big statement mirror for your living room. This will make it feel more roomy than it is, and if you position it near the window, you can invite more natural light which will also enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Skip the rugs and curtains

These two don’t really do much for making the living room feel more spacious. If anything, they’re just more stuff that can make it feel more cramped. Curtains block light from outside. If you wish to have some privacy, opt for mesh or shutters instead. Rugs are a nice-to-have but if you can definitely skip them.

Use small furniture

It’s all about scale. The smaller your furniture is, the bigger the room will feel. You want furniture that won’t take up too much space. You also want to leave enough room between the sides of your furniture and walls. This creates a sense of roominess, even if your place is small. There are online store brands for houses that have small spaces. Look into these and you’re bound to find that one couch or coffee table that will fit your living room best.

Go big with wall art

If there’s one thing you can go big on, it’s wall art. This doesn’t take up any space at all and will make the room feel bigger. Find a statement art that you like and put it in a nice frame to be displayed on your wall. This is one area where you can express your personal style so get creative with the artwork you choose.

Keep everything low

To create the feeling of openness, you want to bring your decor closer to the ground. This leaves a lot of space above making it more roomy. Some items you can bring to the ground include the mirror, the bed, seating, even your table.

Use white paint

White is the best color for opening up a room. It makes it feel light and airy, and puts the focus on your decor. If you wish to do this for your living room, make it so the walls and ceiling are both the same shade of white. This removes the boundaries between the wall and ceiling, making the ceiling look higher.

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