So I decided that since I have been working upstairs most of the day and Ayla had no “access” to me other than at random intervals that I would come downstairs and spend some time with her. She has not really been on her best behavior today and most of the times that I did try to give her love, she would be ok for a few minutes and go back to the biting. This either earned her crate time or me just going back upstairs behind the baby gate.

I’ve been downstairs for a few minutes and puppers has just earned herself a long down. I am actually sitting on the dining table because the leash doesn’t quite hold under the table leg…and of course she can bite me when I’m sitting in the chair right next to her. I used to be able to just stick the leash under the leg of my chair and it would hold her but those days are long gone.

She’s been there about 5 minutes now I guess & has started pulling at the leash…let’s just say this table will not work for this in a few more months unless we have a couple more people sitting on top of it with me. Sheesh. Thankfully she only pulled a few times before she gave up lol. Now she’s got her head on her paws and seems to be accepting defeat.

I figured it was about time to give the long down another try since it’s been a long while since we last did it…and at least this doesn’t interfere with the crating for biting punishment since she got to do this for jumping up on me at the table vs actually biting at me ๐Ÿ˜‰

30 minutes later….
After the long down, she has been a complete angel for the last 15 minutes. Ah the power of leash control ๐Ÿ˜‰