If you’re thinking of remodeling or restyling your home this summer or fall, you’ll obviously want to choose a style that will still be “in” and on-point in a year’s time. Redesigning is no easy task and often times harder on your wallet than your stress levels! The last thing you want is to spend money on your home only to find that style is out of date in a year or two.

So if you are in line for a remodel on the back end of 2016, the easiest way to remain stylish for years is to look at the early trends being discussed for 2017! We have some predictions for the interior design trends of 2017 from ecommerce company GoHaus below!

Pastels are taking over!

Often times the main focus of a redesign is changing the color scheme of a room or home. For 2017 we are seeing a ton of pastels! Think warm tones like rose, soft coral or more pale style blues. The new trend is to create a warm, cozy ambiance in your home, and starting with pastels as your color palate, you are on your way there.


You can also look at some deep browns and greens as the earthy tone matches well with this trend. A lot of people are going with natural looking woods and grains as accents and those colors work as great highlights in any room. If you need some help picking out a pastel color you like or to find complementary colors to an already existing color check out this awesome tool from Adobe! You can input any color and get the exact color code compliment, triad, monochromatic and a slew of other helpful color matches.


DIY Vinyl Flooring is taking off!

Yes, it sounds like an odd trend but the new flooring craze is luxury vinyl plank flooring. Why DIY vinyl flooring? Well it is getting more and more common for people to just up and replace the flooring in their home, whether it be a whole home remodel or just one room for a new addition to the family. Traditional hardwood flooring is expensive and each species generally is stained in only a few color options. What we are seeing is a lot of people shifting towards vinyl plank flooring as it is made to look like real wood, extremely cheap, and you can get it in almost any color shade you need!


Specifically, we are seeing a lot of grey shades of vinyl being utilized in remodels and new homes on the back end of 2016. It fits in perfectly with the pastel color scheme and offers that modern look that most homeowners are going after. Everything from a super dark shade of grey to a light grey with blueish undertones. People are trending towards click and lock vinyl flooring which can be an extremely easy DIY install, cutting costs even more. You can see in the room below how the pastels and the grey flooring play extremely well in creating that cozy ambience.

click vinyl flooring


Adding a Vintage Accessory

Adding a piece of vintage furniture or accessory to a room can really give it a modern look. An oxymoron you say? Well mixing old and new has been a focal point in modern home design for almost a decade now, and we don’t see any signs of that slowing down come 2017.

The thing to remember here is earthy and natural. The trend is to add vintage, natural looking pieces to a room or home. You can find a repurposed or recycled material like an old tree branch to add as a shelf to a wall or recycled wooden pallets turned into a coffee table like the image below!

There are tons of ideas across the internet on how to add some do-it-yourself vintage accessories to your home without breaking the bank and keeping it environmentally friendly in the process.

Well those are our 2017 interior design trend tips! Even though we are only half way through 2016, it always helps to look into the future to stay ahead and give your home a modern redesign that will last!