Lately I have started to think that people may start thinking that we’re not taking care of our dog properly since she looks very scruffy lately with her half baby fur & half adult fur pointing in all directions. Of course this is completely natural but it looks pretty strange. No one has really commented on it although they must be thinking it…but then again she tends to move around a lot when we encounter other people and she always has that grin on her face anyway so maybe they just don’t pay any attention to her coat.

Ayla is sleeping a lot less in the morning these days…not necessarily a good thing in my opinion since I have more than enough work to keep me busy. She finally seems to be getting used to me going upstairs to work for a few hours while she sleeps on the cool tile downstairs but since I am down here this morning with her, I’m getting a bit of a beating. I would happily take her upstairs to the office to work with me but she simply cannot calm down up there. It’s usually considerably warm on that floor of the house than the main floor so that can be a real problem for her. And then there is the issue of the cats which that whole floor “belongs” to and everything smells like that. So naturally Ayla just has sensory overload when she gets up there and go a bit nuts. I usually would take her up there on a leash and then anchor her to the foot of a couch or something like that. But everything within her reach became a toy and I still couldn’t get any work done.

So this morning I’m checking emails and all that and Ayla was sleeping for about an hour after her walk and then woke up when I was making some tea for myself (can’t resist movement in the kitchen – could be something falling to the floor lol). So she’s been awake about an hour now and getting progressively more wound up. She’s been in and out several times (no table visits that I’ve seen thus far) and played a lot with the duck. Then she comes over to my chair and sort of shoves the duck at me (but she won’t give it to me, just wants to play tug of war with it). So I ignore her because I want her to play by my terms…and of course she gets sick of that and chomps down on the back of my arm. She didn’t break the skin but she got that tender area right on the back of the arm where everything hurts about 4 times as much as usual. Needless to say she found herself in her crate so fast she probably wasn’t even sure what was going on. People are going to start thinking my husband beats me lol. As if the climbing didn’t give me enough bruises…