Not every home improvement or bit of redecoration must be a major change. Sometimes big steps are not needed – minor changes still have the potential to be pleasing to the eye or enhance the enjoyment of your own home.

Here are a few suggestions for improvements to consider making soon.


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Ducted AC for Efficient Heating and Cooling

When using a single AC unit, you’re only getting cooling in that one room. It might be the living room or a bedroom, but the rest of the property is still going to be hot as an oven many months of the year. In the Australian heat, that’s not a good idea because it’s uncomfortable when anyone is occupying other parts of the home which aren’t being cooled.

Using a ducted air conditioning system offers a different solution than AC units for individual rooms. The idea for ducted air conditioning solutions found in Brisbane is to provide a whole house or whole apartment solution that doesn’t intentionally exclude important rooms around the property.

Heat is extracted from the air and pushed outside while the air is cooled and recirculated. This creates a major difference in the air quality and cooling in the home while being energy efficient too. It also avoids the alternating hot/cold situation when turning the AC on and off from room to room and not finding a happy medium.

Alternative Flooring to Enhance Comfort

It’s not always necessary or optimal to replace the carpets or hardwood floors in parts of the home. It’s a considerable expense to be avoided most of the time. Instead, look at alternatives to enhance the comfort felt while keeping the existing floors.


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For the living room, look for a decorative rug that is medium-plush underfoot to make it pleasant to relax your feet on while enjoying watching cable TV. If the kitchen is prone to spills, making the floor slippery, consider putting down an interlaced spiderweb mat to provide more grip.

Also, in the bedroom, consider a plush addition like an artificial sheepskin rug to give your feet a pleasing softness when you first wake up and climb out of bed in the morning still only half awake.

Artwork on the Walls

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While original pieces of artwork might break the budget, artistic photographs in attractive frames hanging on certain walls puts your personal stamp on the place. It adds a sense of personality if the photos are amusing or a sense of elegance if they’re artistic.

Adding wall decorations gets around the fact that plain walls can become boring after a while. Some carefully chosen photographic prints that speak to you make for a great talking point for visitors too. You can even use your own photos from trips if you like.

The beauty of making the smaller changes in between more significant ones is that they can be completed over a weekend without needing to take time off work. They’re the easy wins of home improvement.