In the world we live in today, almost all of us have a higher risk of having our data compromised or getting viruses in our systems than ever before. We not only access the Internet via our computers (and some of us via multiple computers in our own homes) but also through netbooks, tablet PCs and smartphones. And yes, even Mac users are seeing an increase in the number of malware bugs being created.

Does that mean that we need to shut ourselves off from the Internet and stop interacting with the outside world? Absolutely not. But each of these types of media poses its own concerns. And while many of us are running firewalls and virus protections on our computers (probably because your computer came installed with a trial version already), but what about your smartphone where you might not even have a password set up? Did you know that 113 mobile phones are lost every minute in the United States?? Do you want someone to gain access to all your personal email accounts and contacts without even making them work for it?

And more importantly, what about your children and their online time? Are they being contacted by strangers on social media platforms? Are they downloading age-appropriate music and video?

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this, because that sounds like a lot of things for just one software to accomplish; online safety for your PC, Mac, smartphones and parental controls to keep your kids protected to. But that’s exactly what McAfee’s All Access 2012 does.

The smartphone and tablet features of All Access are really well thought out, and not only allow you to backup the data on your phone so you never lose all those personal contacts again, but also keeps you protected while surfing the Web wherever you are. One of the really cool features about All Access on your smartphone is that you can actually track devices that have the software installed and see where they are currently located using GPS. You’ve also got the ability to make the phone “scream” so any who may have walked off with you phone will suddenly get some really strange looks in public. Or you can do a remote lock to make sure no one can get into your phone, or even a remote data wipe to erase all of the data on your phone. But you don’t have to worry about losing any information in the process, because you can back it up remotely first. Android devices even have extra child protection filters to make sure they don’t wander off into the wrong part of the web.

The features for your PC are far more extensive, and almost too many too list. Of course you’ve got your basics like firewalls and anti-virus protection, but you’re now also able to perform online backups (up to 2 GB), monitor chats, block programs and so much more.

Overall, the program couldn’t be any easier to install and use. Most of the safety features just run in the background while you go about your usual daily patterns. But you can sleep a little better at night knowing that you’re well protected wherever you and your family access the web. I think the smartphone features are really useful, especially if your phone is lost or stolen.

You can get a free 30-day trial of All Access 2012 on McAfee’s website right now. Or become a fan on Facebook and score yourself a free 6-month security subscription

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