With spring around the corner, it might just be time to hit the reset button on your master bedroom. Decorating the perfect master bedroom really begins with thinking about the pieces of bedroom furniture you’ve begun to get bored of, or don’t really seem to have a purpose.

The master bedroom of any home also sets the tone for the rest of your space, since it should be a real reflection of what speaks to you. Keeping this in mind as you plan things like theme and furniture can be a real asset in the bedroom you end up with stays in style long after the seasons keep changing.

Whether you’re looking to keep things as cozy as you can, or you want to pare back and go for a minimalist approach to your decorating, here are some of our favorite tips when it comes to getting your master bedroom decor right.

Tip #1 – Make your room a place of rest

Too many master bedrooms double as offices, studies, or living spaces that can be relegated to other rooms or areas of the house. Your first task the moment you decide to redecorate your master bedroom should be to focus on how you can make it a true place of rest.

One of the most obvious places to start is to find the most comfortable mattress you can afford to maximize your own comfort. The best mattress for your bedroom will have been engineered to make your bedroom feel and look it’s best. Memory foam mattresses tend to rank highly when it comes to comfort, mainly due to special contouring abilities that help support the body through a good night’s sleep.

While it may seem insignificant, finding the most comfortable mattress for you doesn’t just stop at whether or not it is a memory foam mattress. Colour, shape, and size can actually all have a really significant impact on whether your master bedroom looks modern or cramped, so it’s important to take into account the space you have available before jumping into something.

Remember, the most comfortable mattress for your space is one that allows your space to look and feel as cozy as it can.

Other ways to keep your room looking as restful as possible is by using bedroom furniture that feels cozy and inviting. Bedroom rugs are a fun way to spruce things up and can be especially functional if you have tiled floors that are the thing you dread most when you’re waking up during the colder seasons.

You may want to use a throw or fuzzy blanket over your bed too. Nothing says most comfortable mattress like an inviting and warm looking cover – your accessories can make all the difference when it comes to how comforting your space actually ends up looking.

Tip #2 – Make your bedroom as spacious as you can

If you think there’s nothing that can be done about a smaller sized master bedroom, we have some good news. Smart decorating means creating the illusion of space, even when there is none. When picking out bedroom decor ideas for your own master bedroom, you really want to focus on functionality so that you’re keeping things as fresh and contemporary as possible.

This includes using pieces of bedroom furniture that double as storage solutions. This could be a bed frame that not only allows your memory foam mattress to breathe but can also be used as a way in which to store extra knick-knacks, keeping them hidden so your room can be clutter-free.

Other storage solutions that allow you to keep your master bedroom looking grand is shelving. Installing some shelves on a side wall or even right above your bed can contribute significantly to how efficiently you’re able to store everything you need properly. Make sure everything has an assigned space – the enemy of small spaces is clutter, so you’re going to want to keep on top of things piling up.

Tip #3: Try out a monochromatic color scheme for a minimalist look

You’ll find it difficult to find a single color that remains as reliable and all-enduring as white. When you’re thinking of bedroom decor ideas you want to keep in style for a long time, you’re better off letting go of trends that are likely to come and go.

Sticking with the classics will actually give your master bedroom a contemporary and constantly fresh feel. Coordinating the bed, curtains, flooring, and art in your room with a color scheme that is monochromatic, such as white, or using accents with calmer colors such as grey or blue, will naturally brighten and tone a space.

Minimalist bedroom decor is less about having the bare minimum, and more about understanding that the essentials can actually be a great guiding force when you’re making your shopping list.

You’ll feel zen in an instant, and find your bedroom a place you’ve begun to look forward to getting to by the end of the day.

While it may be challenging to stick to bedroom decor ideas that are modern, functional, while still speaking to your personal sense of style, you’ll find that the effort is worth it when you’re left with a bedroom you can genuinely look forward to unwinding in.

Whether you decide to get the top rated mattress for your space, or you decide it’s time to change up the color scheme in your room, there are plenty of low-effort but high impact ways you can totally end up transforming your space.

Remember, your bedroom is really, at the end of the day, a reflection of what you find comfortable and cozy. This can be animal-shaped decorative pillows that sit atop your memory foam mattress or shelving that’s able to encompass your entire book collection. Picking pieces you know you’ll feel good about investing in the long term, and ignoring passing bedroom decor fads, will help you get that much closer to the perfect master bedroom.