When watching the type of TV shows that take you on a tour around the houses of celebrities, you would be forgiven for thinking that having a bedroom like those of the stars is an impossibility for someone on a tight budget. This, however, is not always strictly the case. Below is a list of simple tricks that anyone can perform to make a bedroom look a lot classier and more expensive than it really is.

  • Tasteful Colour Scheme

The stars often employ top-class interior designers who are highly adept at coming up with color schemes designed to look great as well as give off a sense of ease and well-being to whoever sets foot in a room. Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the secret to achieving a similar effect is to base your color scheme on neutral and pastel colors. Pastel colors promote the type calmness and serenity that will let you slumber to your heart’s content no matter how much noise is being created downstairs.

  • Soft Lighting

Lighting is one of the first things that should be addressed when looking to give a bedroom that luxury-hotel-room feel. Replace your old light bulbs with new lower-watt ones that they emit a softer, more relaxed light. Fill the room with lamps and wall-mounted lighting to take away any harsh edges and provide the room with a much warmer and cosier feel. The end result is certain to make your bedroom look like it would not be out of place on the MTV show Cribs. 

  • Top-End Bedding and Pillows

If you ask anyone about the best night’s sleep they have ever had, many will point to that one night they spent in a five-star hotel downtown or at a beach resort. The quality of rest offered at these places is difficult to replicate in your own home. However, the first step to simulating a night at a luxury hotel in your own bedroom is getting hold of high-quality bedding. Settle for nothing less than high-thread-count linen covers and sheets and high-quality goose down pillows. A useful tip that is used by most upmarket hotels is to use three layers of sheets to cover the mattress. This will give the bed a regal feel.

  • Luxurious Bed Frame

Whisper it quietly, but the most important feature of any bedroom is, without doubt, the bed. For this reason, no expense should be spared when purchasing a bed frame. Wooden bed frames with tasteful bed heads constructed of high-quality materials will add that little something extra when it comes to creating that sense of opulence that those with expensive tastes so desire. Splashing out on a high-end bed setup will set your bedroom apart, and impress anyone who accidentally happens to walk in looking for the bathroom at your next house party.

Despite what you may believe, an expensive-looking bedroom is within your reach. With just a small outlay and the right know-how, you can convert your room into a bedroom fit for the stars.