While visiting Stefan’s parents in Bavaria this weekend, we drove by their local home improvement store and saw that they had an electric angle grinder on sale for €12.95. We are going to be needing one of these when we take on laying the tile wherever we end up laying it because the tiles are over a centimeter thick and cannot be cut with a regular tile cutter. And I’m pretty certain we will find quite a few other uses for this gadget as well. 😉

We haven’t take ours of out the box yet but I thought I would post a photo of an electric angle grinder for those who may not know what they are by name. They are also sometimes just called a Flex but that is actually the name of a brand of these tools….kind like Kleenex versus a tissue.
We ended up taking one that uses 32cm blades for less than €30. It was quite a debate but we’re thinking that we can get some good uses out of the bigger one versus the small. I told him to just take both since the other was only €13…but he decided against it.

In addition to the angle grinder we also picked up a router with 12 tips for less than €40. It’s got its own little case and everything. Stefan has been wanting one of these for a while now but we didn’t imagine we’d be able to pick one up so cheaply. I think one of the first projects we will use this on is building Jake’s chairs which we hopefully will be able to start within the next couple of months. And since the summers have been dragging out for quite a while here lately and we had nice weather until about October next year, we’re hoping we will still have plenty of time to use them while sitting in front of the horse stalls and drinking a Corona 😉