It shouldn’t come as a surprise that traveling is incredibly expensive these days. Gas prices are on the rise and this is not to even mention the constant rising costs of lodgings. With the downturn on the economy, these facts are making it incredibly hard for the average middle-class family to travel. That being said, Canada is one of the world’s true wonders. And, it should be seen at least once in your lifetime. In fact, as it turns out there might be some Canadian locations that are cheaper to visit than you imagine.


The Force Is With You

You might be surprised to learn that as of right now the flight prices in Edmonton are down 40 percent. This is pretty amazing when you consider the fact that Edmonton is one of the top cities in Canada with lots of amazing things to do. Everyone is a fan of Star Wars and every Wednesday night at the Churchill Square you can get free lightsaber training. And, this isn’t just a class for the children either. Of course, the adult’s classes don’t start until later, but both kids and adults can get their Jedi training for absolutely no charge.

Get Legal Admittance

Just remember that before you can even legally get into Canada you are going to need a visa or an electronic travel visa. Most travelers opt for an electronic visa because the application process is much quicker and the documents are usually issued quicker as well. This travel document is extremely similar to a visa and you can apply for yours at This electronic visa will legally allow you into the country of Canada for a period of six months and it is good for a five-year period. The travel document can also be extended if needed.


Learn About Human Right In Winnipeg

Winnipeg is another popular Canadian city where the flight prices are down. In fact, they are down 30 percent as compared to previous years. And, this is not to even mention all the fun and affordable things to do around the city itself. If you are ready for an emotional heartfelt road down memory lane, you can check out the Museum for Human Rights. This beautiful building was created for the very purposes of detailing and illustrating the evolution, crisis, and future of human rights around the world. This was one of Canada’s first museums and there is a reason that it is still standing today.

See A Real Castle

Have you ever seen or been in a real castle? If not, this could be your very chance. With the airline tickets to Hamilton down by 25 percent, you can affordably check out the neoclassical mansion that is known as Dundurn Castle. This impressive structure consists of 1,700 square meters of magnificent architecture and grounds. It was constructed in the 30s and took right around three years to fully complete. It was purchased by the city over 100 years ago and it now serves as a historic site that is open to the public. There is even a unique and impressive military museum house on the grounds.

Have you ever been to Canada? What are your favorite family-friendly destinations? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.