So I went on a mission in Newf.Net to find relevant info about the biting situation – and guess I have reached the conclusion that we need to keep doing what we’re doing. I mostly found people reminding those in “trouble” that they need to be consistant with anything they are doing and not mixing up the reprimands because that only confuses the dog. So I personally will be going full out with the crating method whenever she starts nipping & biting. If the crate is not available or not reachable at that time, I will simply turn and walk away & close a door between us when possible. This turn and walk away method has not always been all that successful for me in the past because it is usually when I get hurt the worst or get my clothing torn but she does seem to “get it” when people don’t want her around and won’t give her attention and therefore this seems like the only way to get thru to her at the moment.

I have also had to remind myself that she is 5 months now and that is a pretty difficult time for many owners since the dog usually “forgets” everything it has learned and wants to challenge everything it already knows to test any and all limits. I can assure you, she has tested some limits with us and we were not happy about it – but we will keep the faith that things will soon change as long as we can survive a few more weeks lol.