One of our newest “tricks” is to launch ourselves and the bushes outside in a lame attempt to get on top of it…or to get at whatever might be on top of it. Rather humorous to watch since she basically just bounces off them. I am a bit concerned about her doing it on the patio side with brick pavers but thankfully she seems to prefer doing it on the grass side anyway.

She has also grown big enough to launch herself into the garden chairs and usually manages to get up there without too much scrambling. It’s amazing how she can have so much trouble and the next day just jumps up in there like it’s been happening that way all along. What is sure to become very interesting is watching her grow over the next few weeks and months as she continues to jump into the chair. No doubt she will be asking for her own spot at the table in no time.

She already thought about throwing herself into the chair I was sitting in the other day – naturally she was covered in mud when she came flying at me. Thankfully I was paying attention to her then or there’s no telling how this story might have ended up. Definitely have to curb those thoughts of hers quickly on this subject. Sitting in the chairs outside is fine but with a human in it…don’t think that’s going to work too long.

Ayla also thought it might be fun to try to get back in the cubby under the coffee table today…needless to say she didn’t really fit. She tried a couple of minutes and then just gave up trying. Licking and chewing on the table were a much better pastime.

Daddy brought home a soft Frisbee today when he stopped at the pet store for more food. He and I quickly found out we need to get ourselves a Frisbee cause it was quite amusing standing in the yard and throwing it around…and at least if we have our own Ayla has one to eat while we continue to play lol