So we’ve already had what must have been a very exciting day for Newfie standards since Ayla was passed out for hours since we got home again.

We have pretty much given up all hope of trying to take her for a walk in the mornings. She won’t even go with the hubby although she usually behaves better for him on the leash than me. I can usually at least get her to go around the block but she wouldn’t even leave the driveway for him the morning…at least that means we won’t have to worry about trudging in the snow at 6am during the winter ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I had to go pick up a box from customs this morning…a camping kitchen box which will hold all the stuff we need (hopefully) for our kitchen when we go on the road trip to Spain & Portugal in Sept/Oct. When we got home, I was opening the box and Ayla immediately started tearing into it. There was some packing cardboard pieces which have a sort of waffled structure inbetween two flat pieces of cardboard so I gave that to her to have fun with…and boy is she. She’s destroyed about half of the two foot section already and I imagine she may have pretty much killed the rest of it by this evening.

Otherwise we seem to be progressing ok with the kittie. Princess still pretty much ignores here and won’t come downstairs unless she is crated. Mary is the stair protector most days and makes sure that Ayla doesn’t go up there to steal their food. We are still waiting on a baby gate we ordered from eBay…taking forever and a day but we just keep thinking about how great it will be when it finally gets here that it kinda helps to soothe our frustration…then we just have to find a way to keep her off the couch. It never ends lol. When does she start to outgrow stuff? ๐Ÿ˜‰