Hey all you dogs out there in blogland!

I’m here today to talk about a new and fun little gizmo my mom came across which is called Twitter. It’s not all that new anymore but it there aren’t a whole lot of people out there using it just yet (and I’ve barely found any Newfies at all!!) but it is pretty cool.

Twitter is like a miniature blog that you can use to talk to people. You can share websites you find and random thoughts you have, ask questions or do just about anything else you want…as long as it’s under 140 characters at once. And those short little snippets are called “tweets.” So, yes, Newfies can indeed tweet…as long as we have some help getting our paws on the keyboard! 😉

If you want to create a couple of accounts to go on various blogs or to share just with family or friends, you can download a cool desktop app like twhirl to help you out. That way you can be signed in to multiple twitter accounts at once, get notices as soon as your friends post new “tweets” and just otherwise make your Twitter life a little more simple.

So everyone go check it out! I’m looking forward to talking to more of you via Twitter!

Newfie kisses!