Here is a list of the next major projects we intend to take on. It’s basically also in order of the timeline we aim to tackle them in. Note that these are only the ones we want to do ourselves. Other things we need Macky for, but those are the subject of another list.

1) Patio
Basically we need to set some drywall in the back to cover the back wall. The stones are over-salted from all the chicken dirt that putting plaster on them again is not an option. The rocks have to breathe. Then we need to put some stuff down to even the slab out and lay the tile. Will need to also take down the ceiling panels to install some recessed lighting and perhaps some speakers. A fresh coat of pain and we are good to go ๐Ÿ˜‰
IMPORTANCE: Not so high, but will be a good practice project to take on before comitting to the larger drywall/flooring things like the horse stables and the laundry room.

2) Laundry Room
This is a pretty major one and there is lots of things to consider. The laundry room is the other half of the old workshop which is now our kitchen. While it’s functioning right now it really is not such a lovely room – and really cold. So first steps will be to rewire the room and put up dry wall. We also need floor insulation and tiles in here. Should be an interesting project to say the least.
IMPORTANCE: Very important! Right now it’s basically unusable except for running the washing machine and storing a few things. Too dirty and industrial.

3) Horse stables
We have pretty much decided to make this into a little 1 bedroom guest apartment. It will be very tight, at roughly 25 sq meters (250 sq ft) so it’s not very big at all. I guess we need to do some research in how to make the best of this space. I guess the procedure of this will be roughly the same as for the laundry room.
IMPORTANCE: File this under nice to have. We do have a spare bedroom in the house for guests and it will do, but really it would be quite nice to have a seperate place for guests. More privacy for them and us.

4) Garden
I am sure this will take us quite a few weekends as well. The garden is big, and right now it’s an absolute mess. All of the steps will need to go into a seperate post. It makes me depressed just thinking of all the different steps we need to take in there. Taking out old, dead trees… building paths and flower beds…. it’s giving me a headache;-)
IMPORTANCE: A race against time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Basically we need to get to this as soon as the ground is starting to dry out and spring comes. Nature is taking over our garden right now and our barn with it. It can’t stay like this for another season.

Trust me, there are many more. But these really seem the like the next major steps that should be taken care off ASAP.