I was reading one of the numerous home improvement newsletters in my inbox today and saw this article about houseplants for people who tend to kill plants. Not on purpose, of course, but that just don’t seem to have any luck when it comes to plants. As one of those people born with something more like black thumbs than green (unlike my mom who has green HANDS and can bring plants back after they’ve died), I thought I would pass on the info.

Actually, I guess I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be. When we moved into our old rental house, we actually had 6 plants. Some were there when we moved in and a few were given to us as house warming gifts. This probably seems like nothing to most people but they were almost thriving which was something really special for me, especially the papyrus plant which absolutely loved our old winter garden. That is one plant I don’t think anyone could manage to kill. My poinsettia on the other hand is looking very sickly and I definitely need to give it some TLC soon. Of course, I do wonder that if I can’t keep 6 house plants alive where I have an endless supply of water (I actually usually give them the remainder of what’s left in Ayla’s 3 indoor water bowls – I figure the drool is probably good for them), how are we ever going to manage to keep a garden going.